Our story


Thank you so much for stopping by my store.

My name is Nosi and I'm a mum to a lovely little boy. When he was born, I was so excited to go out and get him cute little outfits to match his vibey little personality.

I realised while out shopping that everything was so divided into BOYS and GIRLS (with the girls section having a lot more variety). Sometimes I'd even end up buying from the little girls section just because they had nicer designs!

Frustrated at the little I would find in the girls section (and the fact that I could only really get the grey stuff), I decided to start Cute Vibes Only.

An online store that offers you variety, unique styles and a choice in colours beyond pink and blue! I really hope you enjoy your shopping experience, if you don't email me on cutevibesonly@icloud.com.

That's my personal email :)

Happy shopping


May your little one stay forever cute and always curious.